4 Winter Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car in Peak Condition

At Regal Nissan, we understand that the cold winter days can put stress on your car, truck, or SUV. Which is why you shouldn’t ignore the important and beneficial parts of winter car maintenance. When you schedule a service to have your new or used car prepped for winter driving conditions, you’ll be able to navigate the roads safely and with confidence.

We’ve come up with our 4 top tips to consider when preparing your car for winter rides. Continue reading along to learn more!

Tip #1: Keep up with maintenance

Winter is not the time to prolong routine maintenance in any way. We highly recommend making sure your brakes are good to go. Plus, keeping up with other services such as an oil change, or ordering any parts that need to be replaced is important as well.

Make sure you check out our service specials before you schedule a service appointment online or in person with us. We even have an express service that you can utilize as well! By doing this, you can help keep your car in top shape for the cold winter days.

Tip #2: Replace worn down tires

When it comes to cold, slippery winter roads, your tires play a vital role in making sure you drive on them safely. Tires with enough pressure and tread depth can offer maximum protection for winter. A way to quickly test your tires to make sure they are good to go is by inserting a penny upside down in a tire’s tread. If Lincoln’s head is visible, it may be time for a tire replacement

Overall, you should be checking your tire pressure as often as possible when the weather drops. To know your car's specific tire pressure, you can check the owner’s manual.

Tip #3: Add a fresh coat of wax to toughen your Nissan

A new coat of wax can work wonders for your Nissan’s exterior. Although winter has its perks, you still need to be aware of winter elements such as frost, snow, and hail. These elements can potentially damage the paint on your car and make it not as pleasing to the eye.

A fresh layer of wax a few months prior to winter can help preserve the exterior of your car from any harsh elements. You should also consider washing your car more often during the winter season, especially on the underside and wheel wells, which are more prone to salt build-up, ice, or snow.

Tip #4: Double check your battery

Did you know that freezing temperatures can affect the performance of your battery? To help avoid that unfortunate chance of your car not starting in the morning, it’s important to make sure your battery is in good condition.

Come visit our service center at Regal Nissan where we can make sure your battery is good to go. Our technicians will boost up the electrolytes and recharge the battery if needed. We can even clean and tighten the battery in case it’s dirty or if any cables are loose.

This Winter, Discover your Nissan's True Strength!

Are you needing to bring your car in to be serviced? Do you need more Nissan winter advice? Then call us today or come stop by our dealership if you’re in Roswell, GA, or surrounding areas such as Alpharetta, Marietta, and North Atlanta! We look forward to helping you! 



4 Winter Car Care Tips to Keep Your Car in Peak Condition - Regal Auto

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