Fresh Start Credit Program at Regal Nissan Roswell

Regal Nissan Believes You Deserve a Fresh Start!

Allow Us to Re-establish Your Auto Credit Profile

Most other dealerships only wish they had an experienced management staff like ours. With tens of thousands of approved auto loans in our careers, we know that we are the best source for your fresh start.  Because of our volume credit portfolio we can offer finance terms and rates that those other places cannot.

You Deserve Better Than 'Buy Here, Pay Here' Car Lots

  • Your credit shouldn't force you to feel obligated to buy from one of those 'bad credit' lots. You know, the ones who 'approve' your credit in-house and never report any of your on-time payments to the credit bureaus. Plus, the car you purchase from us is safer and more reliable, you deal with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and you establish national lines of credit...all in a professional and comfortable environment.
  • Often when you buy a car with bad credit at these lots, your auto loan is approved in-house. That is to say the used car lot is the lender. With in-house car dealer financing, consumers make weekly payments, however your good car loan payment history does not show up on your credit report. With Regal Nissan Fresh Start, all your payments are reported.

Fresh Start Credit Program at Regal Nissan.

Having a reliable set of wheels to get to and from work, around town, and take your family to the places they need to go is almost a pre-requisite for getting anything done in the Rosewell, Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta, GA areas. Here at Regal Nissan, we don't think a less-than-stellar credit score should keep you from that. Our team has plenty of experience with auto loans, and we enjoy helping folks get into a safe and reliable vehicle while rebuilding their credit scores with affordable monthly payments, so if your credit has seen better days, consider financing with our Fresh Start Credit Program to get behind the wheel and start moving your credit score in a positive direction.

Fresh Start Financing FAQ:

  • Why does Regal Nissan offer poor-credit loans?
    We know that life throws curve balls, and we're more than happy to look past a bad credit score to see the person behind it.
  • Do you offer loans for new and used cars?
    Yep! Our financing team has plenty of experience working with all kinds of loans, so whether you're looking for something factory-new or high-quality and used, we've got you covered.
  • Will an auto loan make my credit even worse?
    Probably not! In fact, a car loan can even be a great step to credit repair; on-time payments can actually improve credit, because it shows future lenders that you're less of a risk.
  • Why should I financing with Regal Nissan instead of a "Bad Credit" car lot?
    Wow, there are so many reasons to choose us over the "Bad Credit" car lot guys! First of all, when you buy a vehicle at one of those lots, they approve your loan in-house only, which means your on-time payments don't get reported to credit agencies, so you aren't repairing your credit, even though you're doing all the right things. With us, all your on-time payments are reported fairly and accurately, helping you help yourself back from poor credit. While that's a great reason to choose us, we're also able to offer drivers a better selection of both new and pre-owned Nissan models. And last but not least, our volume credit portfolio allows us to offer rates and financing terms that other places just can't match, so you can get the best end of the deal, too.
  • Okay, I think I'm ready. What are the next steps?
    The next steps are easy: first, find the Nissan vehicle that calls your name, then you can apply for pre-qualification online and someone on our team will reach out to you. You're also welcome to come into our dealership to complete this step in person and ask any financing questions you might have!